Since 2022, I’m an associate professor (Maître de conférences) at UT3 and member of the Sepia team at IRIT (Toulouse, France).

Formerly I was in the Datamove Inria/LIG team (Grenoble France), where I worked as a postdoc/research engineer for the REGALE and IDIOM projects. That’s also where I did my PhD, with Denis Trystram and Pierre-François Dutot. I did a postdoc with Martin Quinson in Rennes on the emulation of distributed applications. I discovered computer science research at Orléans thanks to Sébastien Limet and Sophie Robert.

​My work is mostly about distributed systems, especially high performance computing platforms. I study resource management techniques to exploit these platforms at best, and I am also interested in studying the applications that run on them. Software development is a passion for me and I believe that software is now key for research and technologies. I believe that knowledge should be shared, and most of my experiments and tools are open source. Reproducibility of scientific experiments is important for me.